Beyerdynamic TG Drum Set PRO XL




beyerdynamic TG DrumSets offer high-performance drum microphones from the Touring Gear series. The beyerdynamic TG DrumSet PRO is a professional pre-made drum mic kit which includes:

  • 1 x TG D71
  • 2 x TG D57
  • 3 x TG D58
  • 2 x MC 930
  • 1 x MC 950
  • All clamps
  • Kick drum mic stand
  • Carry bag with room for additional mics


  • “Plug and Play” microphones, perfect for beginners
  • Easy mounting of tomclips on nearly every drum rim
  • Naturally sounding condenser microphones
  • simple and easy micing of the whole drum kit
  • Microphone clamp


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