Audio Visual Systems for Performing Venues

  • Auditoriums are critical spaces for performances and the kind of performances as well. As per the applications the venue needs to be design from Acoustics to Sound reinforcements systems. We pay special attention to these requirements and deliver the same as per the laid down requirements.
  • The venue is designed using industry standard tools and software, we use Ease simulation software for the design of the venue on Loudspeaker system, the right quantities and the mix of acoustics for the venue. All the analysis can be done before the venue is ready and everything can be planned to match the aesthetics and Audio System deliverables.

Similarly Video projection systems and controls are planned for a smooth operation of the venue along with the Audio System.

  • System testing, commissioning is a process in itself for Auditoriums and that’s makes a lot of difference in the sound quality when the system is properly tuned with measurements with Real Time analyzers. Again we use the industry standard tool SMAART to do this and achieve the best from the sound system for a venue.